Wedding in Keystone – Dave and Katie Get Married

Over the weekend, I was able to attend the wedding of Dave and Katie. Dave and my brother have been friends for close to 15 years, so my brother was part of the wedding party. Dave, Katie, my siblings and I also played on a slow pitch team together. It was nice of them to invite us along to their Keystone Resort mountaintop wedding on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Naturally, I had to bring my camera along and take a few shots of the ceremony. Pretty hard to pass up taking a few pictures with views like that. Dave and Katie are off to Punta Cana for their honeymoon and I wish them a long and fulfilling marriage. Congrats Dave and Katie!

1-keystone-wedding-mountaintop 2-keystone-wedding-vows-moutainview 3-wedding-kiss-mountaintop 4-man-and-wife-celebration-in keystone 5-bride-and-groom-portriat 6-groomsmen 7-family-photo

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