Mini Road Trip to Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado

My family and I decided to take a mini road trip up to Aspen, Colorado this fall. It has been one of my goals to visit Maroon Bells while the aspens are changing colors. It was so beautiful! We even hiked up to Crater Lake (which I anticipated being much larger) to take some pictures as well. It was the first time my mom ever hiked, after all her years here in Colorado. Every year I am more and more amazed at the stunning landscape here in Colorado. I am so very blessed to call this place home and very thankful for the opportunity I have to take photos. ENJOY!maroon-bells-fall-leaves-reflection4-maroon-bells-fall-leaves-crater-lake 5-maroon-bells-fall-leaves-cabin 6-aspen-fall-leaves 2-maroon-bells-fall-leaves 3-crater-lake-aspen-leaves 4-maroon-bells-fall-leaves

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