Where are you located? And are you available to travel?

I am based in the Arvada/Westminster, Colorado area. However, I am available to travel.

Do you have a studio? Where should we take our pictures?

I don’t work out of a studio. I love the flexibility of shooting outdoors, but if the weather doesn’t cooperate I offer a complimentary reschedule based on my availability. I love trying new locations around Colorado, but I also have my favorite spots. If you need ideas I am available to help you decide the perfect place for your shoot. Please remember there is a travel fee for locations 25 miles outside of Arvada, Colorado and some specific locations may also charge a permit fee for photography use.

For additional ideas on location I love to photograph visit my Location Galleries :

Summer Location Gallery | Fall Location Gallery | Winter Location Gallery

How long have you been a photographer?

I started taking photography seriously in 2009. My initial focus was on sports and action photography, but over the years I have narrowed that focus to portrait and wedding photography.

What type of equipment do you use?

Canon shooter all the way! My primary and back up cameras are Canon 5d Mark iii. The lenses I use vary from zoom lenses like the 70-200mm 2.8 to 50mm 1.8. I prefer to keep my sessions simple and use as much natural and available light as possible and only bring in flashes when needed.

What should I wear for my pictures?

It is best to keep clothing simple by avoiding logos or busy patterns such as stripes or dots. I always suggest layers/textures. If we are taking group photos, color coordinating is always a great idea. Wear clothes that you are comfortable and confident in. Trust me it makes a huge difference. As always, feel free to bring a change of clothing.

How many images can I expect to see?

Over the course of the session I will take hundreds of images. Some to test lighting and composition and some just in case I catch your eyes closed. You can expect to see at least 50 proofing images per hour from your session with me (weddings are an exception). I chose the best images based on lighting, composition, color, and flattering angles for your to select your final choices to edit and create an image I consider to be a work of art and worthy of a spot on your wall!