Self Portrait Painting – Acrylic


Much of my creative process when it comes to paintings concepts is spurred by situation and images I can photograph and create myself. I want my art to most directly reflect the world I see and I have found the way to accurately capture that is by using my camera as a tool. Once I have an idea in mind, I take a bunch of different photographs from different angles. adjust the subject matter, colors, lighting, background, until I find an image that will look great as a painting as well.

I decided to do a series of acrylic paintings using masks and dripping paint. I used several different people and different masks, different paint colors until I came up with a group of shots I thought worked well together. It was definitely a fun time pouring paint on each other and I think the images came out great.

Here is a look into the process.IMG_8512 IMG_8535 IMG_8550

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