I think my favorite part of the session was when I couldn’t do simple poses! You just made me laugh and made the environment comfortable so I could at least do something besides standing awkwardly. I wasn’t grumpy or upset with the fact that you didn’t let me choose anything because you did let me choose! They were definitely MY pictures!

My biggest fear was that you weren’t going to be very flexible or creative. I really did not want the typical “hugging the tree” pose and you did really good and not doing those so I shouldn’t have been worried in the first place! What happened instead is that we walked around to find places I was comfortable and happy with. I did tell my best friend about you and she actually chose you to do hers! I told her how young you were and that you were really flexible with my ideas. Also that you didn’t over-do it with editing and photoshop. I also mentioned how you’re super affordable!

Your final product made me incredibly pleased and you weren’t ripping us off so that was a really awesome bonus!

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