Julianne Testimonial

My biggest fear when deciding to get pictures taken professionally was, am I going to get pictures I like? I was hoping we could capture some of the photos we had referenced and I was a little nervous it would be hard to replicate or take pictures that captured my relationship and love for Jacoby, but the end result definitely exceeded my expectations. The photos were breath taking and I loved so many of them.

I think you were able to capture our mother son relationship perfectly. Pictures really do speak a thousand words and I am beyond grateful for your professional touch and ability to portray our relationship so beautifully in our photographs. My favorite part of our session was the patience you had for Jacoby. He is a typical four-year-old who loses focus, sits in grass, touches things he shouldn’t, gets distracted by everything, however, you made the best of the situation. There are pictures that even capture some of these moments that came out awesome.

I appreciated your willingness to try a bunch of different poses and scenery changes. There was a lot of variety even though we took the pictures at one location. We definitely used our time efficiently which I really appreciated. I have already recommended you to a bunch of my friends. I would say, Jessie is an amazing photographer. She has an incredible eye for capturing pictures and her final product is flawless. I am obsessed with our mommy & son pictures and they mean more to me than any dollar amount.

I am thankful for your hard work and talent. I also really look forward to the next photo session in our future because I know we will receive more beautiful pictures!

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