Arvada Milk Bath Boudoir

Caution! The following images may be too hot to handle!

So the “milk bath” session has been very popular in the photography community lately, so I decided to try it out for Valentine’s Day this year with the help of my sister and a lovely model. I wanted a more dark and edgy look to the photos, so we decided to add in blue and purple coloring to the bath to add that extra something. I absolutely love how these images turned out. They are beautiful, edgy, fun, and yes, sexy.

I am excited to now be able to offer these milk bath photography sessions to my clients!

1-boudoir-milk-bath-roses-daisy 2-boudoir-milk-bath-roses-daisy-purple 3-boudoir-milk-bath-roses-daisy-black-and-white 4-blue-milk-bath-boudoir boudoir-colored-milk-bath-blue-purple

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